YUP DDUK LA (Los Angeles Head Branch) is now hiring new service staff (servers)

Who is ALMG?

ALMG is a Los Angeles based Hospitality Group seeking to expand its network and influence in the Koreatown community.

We are always seeking individuals looking to develop their careers in in the restaurant, entertainment, and hospitality industry.

ALMG Philosophy.

The hospitality industry is often considered a “temporary” workplace, whereas we view it as a “career”.

This industry is just as competitive, hard-working, and lucrative as any other career, but only given that there is a solid platform to build upon.

We seek to provide this platform to develop your career, to build a team of highly motivated, creative, and energetic individuals.

Who do YOU need to be?

Abilities in organization, attention to detail, multitasking, and customer service are obvious for any position in the hospitality industry. 

ALMG is looking for individuals with:
Creative Minds – Stay ahead of the curve! New, unconventional methods of customer service and restaurant development are key.
Team Development Skills – Lead coworkers and produce the best results of a unified TEAM.
Community Involvement – No one succeeds all by themselves. NETWORK with fellow individuals in the hospitality industry.
Ability to enjoy a fast-paced, highly PRODUCTIVE working environment.
Ability to HAVE FUN – A positive attitude keeps YOU stress-free, your TEAM motivated, and your CAREER advancing. 

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3603 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90020
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